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How to use diamond paste

1) Vegetable or mineral oil may be used to "thin out" any diamond paste. Useful when you need a more regular dispersion of the diamond particles on larger surfaces like polishing wheels, buffers,etc.

2) You can get very good pre-polishing and/or polishing results by using diamond paste impregnated in different "base" materials like felt, cotton, cork, leather and wood.

`"Keep them cool": laps, saws and diamond disks

1) Saw blades & laps: A regular flow of water drops will be enough to keep you saw and/or lap from overheating.

2) Burrs: While working at the bench, keep a small pan filled with water on you laps and regularly dip the tip of your burr in the water as you go. Keep your stone cool and clean by dipping it in the water. If you are using a flex shaft (Foredom or Dremel type), you will see that you dont even need to stop the motor: just dip the tip of the tool and keep going.

Extending the life of a diamond saw

If after cuting very hard material like jade or agate, your faithful saw blade starts showing signs of wear, cut a piece of brick or mortar with it. It may very well give your old blade a new life. For this to work, there must still be some diamond particles left on the blade.

Making your own polishing disks/wheels

Basis of your wheel
Cut any size circles (ex::6" or 8") from a thick plexiglass sheet. Start drilling a hole at the very center using a smaller bit. Work your way up to the exact size of your motor shaft. Once fixed to your running unit, smooth the rough edges and balance your new wheel using sand papers of gradually finer grits. Place a thin layer of 3M feathering disk adhesive type II glue (from any automotive dept. ) over the surface of your new made disk. This glue has the virtue of retaining a very stong grip and still be removable from your wheel. Glue a layer or two of rubber to the surface. The rubber will serve as a back cushion for the next steps ahead:

3 types of wheel

1) Using Diamond Disk:
Get some ready made self adhesive backed or regular diamond disks (available in a large selection of mesh here) and simply apply it to your new wheel's surface.


2) Using diamond paste and leather:
Cut a circle out of a piece of leather.
Thin out some diamond paste using oil or grease.
Apply that paste to the leather surface in close spots.
Using an agate or a very hard flat surface, work the paste into the leather: start manually at first. After a while, install the disk on your polishing unit and keep working some paste in while your newly made disk is spinning. Saturate your leather surface with diamond paste. Once well saturated, you will only need to add very little paste to the disk to get a great polish each time you use that wheel.

3) Using diamond paste and sheep skin:
Cut circles out of a piece of sheep skin. Use diamond paste grit 14,000 - 50,000 et 100,000 with these disks. Use same technique used with leather to work the paste in.

Some people also use cork, wool, felt or even carpet. Don't be afraid to experiment and find other suitable polishing support materials.

Use waxed paper to protect your disks from being contaminated by dust or by any other product. Also note that glue wont stick to waxed paper.

Make your own diamond paste from diamond powders
Mix oil or vaseline along with some diamond powder. Vaseline being thicker, will work fine with larger diamond particles. Don't be afraid to experiment and find out the concentrations that will work best for your specific needs.

Custom tools for your Foredom / Dremel unit

Mini-saws using copper pennies:
Use diamond powder grit 60, 120 or 220 on the edge of a copper pennie. Work the diamond in using an agate or a very hard flat metal surface. You can keep working the diamond in at low speed once you have mounted that piece on your Dremel or Foredom tool.

Mini .75", 1" or 1.5"copper disks.
Use 24 hour epoxy to glue a flat screw at the center of a copper or brass disc cut from a plate. Use the same technique used in Making your own polishing disks/wheels. These tools are very useful when used with all pre-glued diamond disks of grit 60-100,000 available from our catalog. You can polish any stone using only these polishing wheels..

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