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All quoted prices are in Canadian currency (CND$).
Rulers in pictures are graduated in cm.
* item available while quantities last


Welcome to your Fall 2007 Diamond Tools (Canada) Newsletter!
Lots of new exciting items are being offered exclusively through this fall edition.
To order, please use our online order form available here.
Each order is treated individualy by a real person.


Diamond Tools - Bead Making Products

3mm High Quality Diamond Drill Bits
We are pleased to announce the availability of our new high quality 3mm Diamond Drill Bits.Make sure to check our amazing deals on larger quantity on this item.
Read all details Here.

Core Drills from 3mm (1/8) to 128mm (5")
Super savings on this new full line of diamond core drills.
Read all details Here.

The Bead Drill Adaptors
Get a perfectly centered drilled hole in your round beads time after time.
Read all details Here.

Diamond Polishing Kit for your Foredom/Dremel Tool
This is a heavy duty 8 pads polishing kit with harbor & backing plate.
An all-in-one solution for your hand polishing needs.
Read all details Here.

A first for Diamond Tools (Canada)

For two years now, we have been scouting the Canadian East Coast and also the U.S. South & North-West for deals on Cabochon Stones, Crystals, Slabs, Thunder Eggs & Rough. Travelling from the Canadian coasts of New-Brunswick & Nova-Scotia to Oregon via Quartzsite, Arizona, we came accross interesting finds and decided to make them available to our customers. So here they are: crystals, cabochons, slabs, thunder eggs & rough:


Natural Apatite Crystals from Durango, Mexico
Facet grade crystals ranging from 2 to 27 ct.
Specimen grade crystals ranging from 2 to 16 ct.
All crystals are high end quality.
Read all details Here.


Agatized Fossil Coral Cabochons
From Indonesia
Highly selected; 1000 out of 25,000 were kept (1 out of 25)
Beautiful colors - Great design - Perfect polish
At prices you just can't resist.
Read all details Here

- Plume
- Yellow / honey/ light orange
- Cornelian/ Sardonix/ Orange red / Red

Read all details Here

- Montana Agate
- Polka-Dot Agate

- Moss Agate
- Orange Spirit Agate
- Spirit Agate: the Crosses collection
- White Spirit Agate (stinky water type)
- Botswana Agate
- White Cloud Agate

Petrified Palm Tree

- Clear Chalcedony
- Banded Clear Chalcedony
- Smoky and Purple Chalcedony ( Some Holly Blue type)
- Opalized

- Jasper mix
- Jasper- Agate
- Jasper Red - Pink
- Grey, Black & White Jasper

Natural Quartz Drusies (micro crystalline formations)
Polished Backs

*Thunder Eggs

*Rough & Slabs

The Pebble Collection
"A Rare Pebble Collection from the early sixties"
- Fossil coral from Gaspe peninsula, Quebec, Canada
- Beautiful Jasper from Anse-a-Beaufils, Gaspe peninsula, Quebec, Canada

Graveyard Plume Slabs & Rough

Rocky Butte Slabs & Rough

Pokadote Slabs & Rough

Mahogany Obsidian Slabs & Rough

Over 50 Oregon stone types available
Please inquire here about the availability of your favorite stone(s)

* Sea Ivory

Unique carving material from the lower St-Lawrence River.
Available by the once.
Read all details Here

*Sample Kits

In order to give you the opportunity to experience the outstanding quality of our products, we can put together custom sample packs on all our Cabochons, Drusies, Pebble Collection & Sea Ivory offers.


We will be in Tucson, Arizona for the winter 2007/2008 show season! Please write to us about your personal tools, stones and accessories "wish list". While we're there, we may be able to dig for you exactly what you are looking for at prices you just wont be able to resist.
Stay tuned for our Newsletter's next issue!